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E-Connect Integration Account

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Topic: E-Connect Integration Account
Posted By: gomesd
Subject: E-Connect Integration Account
Date Posted: February 06 2019 at 3:43am

Hi All,

Sometime ago I did a developed in C# to integrated account movements.

So basic I do not have much experience in GP, a very limit knowledge in the application.

My big challenge is I am trying to figure out one Issue that I am facing with the dimensions and I have no idea where to look.

The interface it self is working fine with no issues and I can saw the Batchs in GP to post.

I developed the interface by created XML files  SerializeSalesOrderObject using the class 




In the Total I am send 5 dimensions as location type, location id and so on.


//Dist Cost center Location Type
taAnalyticsDistribution_ItemsTaAnalyticsDistribution CCDistr6 = new taAnalyticsDistribution_ItemsTaAnalyticsDistribution();
CCDistr6.DOCNMBR = CCLineFixed1.JRNENTRY.ToString();//Convert.ToString(0);
CCDistr6.AMOUNT = Convert.ToDecimal(amount);
CCDistr6.ACTNUMST = Account_NO_DEB;
// CCDistr6.aaAssignedPercent = 100;
CCDistr6.aaTrxDimID = 1;
CCDistr6.aaTrxDimCode = P_aaTrxDimCode;
lineCCdist[5] = CCDistr6;

and this is Problem, the taAnalyticsDistribution_Items, is appearing values in GP side and I am not sent it at all.

For example this are the values that are send to in GP in the XML file" rel="nofollow">

And this is the information that is always appear in all the Transactions in GP for the Batch.

Is really Dynamic values I really do not iĀ«understand where this come from." rel="nofollow">

I really appreciate any help here.

Thank you

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