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FRx Calculation Off on the Total column

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Topic: FRx Calculation Off on the Total column
Posted By: GPwall
Subject: FRx Calculation Off on the Total column
Date Posted: February 01 2010 at 8:16pm
We have several P&L reports that shows a 12 month trend with totals for every month as a row and a Total YTD column.  At the bottom of the report we have Frx to calculate the total percentage of cost and the % is correct. 
The last column after the 12 month trend is the Total YTD column and the percentage of cost divided by revenue is always wrong.  When we export the report with formulas it is showing that the calculation is adding all the monthly percentage instead of dividing the total YTD cost by Total YTD revenue. How do we fix the formulas since Frx only allows us to use 1 calculation (add or divide and not both?)

Posted By: rivers1
Date Posted: June 06 2010 at 8:00am
You should be able to fix this pretty quickly as long as there are no complex calculation in the column layout.  What you are experiencing is what we call Calculation Priority Conflict.  In the cell of the report where you have the problem, there are two conflicting calculations going on.  The one in the row should take one value divided by another to get your percentage.  The calc in the column is adding across the other columns.  Only one of those two calculations will present its data in the report.  By default FRx does the Row calcs first, so the Column calc is what you see displaying. 
To change this:
1. Go into the Catalog for this report
2. Click the Report Options => Advanced tab
3. In the upper right you will see the Calculation Priority setting.  Change it from Rows first to Columns first.
4. Save the catalog and generate.
I think this will solve your issue but if not, or if you have further problems or questions, please feel free to contact me at - .  You can also visit our website - for information on our FREE webinars on FRX, Forecaster and Management Reporter.

Rob Iversen

Posted By: ThomasLinney
Date Posted: March 08 2017 at 12:40am
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